Interview de SkulleateR : émulateur Atari Jaguar JagBag

Voici une interview de SkulleateR développeur sur JagBag, un émulateur Atari Jaguar.

Hello (please pardon me for my bad english ...) and thx for accepting this interview !

np.... (me also badbadbad english LOL :) also no prob...

The first one is about you. Could you present yourself please, your name, age, job, hobbies etc. ?

sure (but why?)..ok then, i think my name is not important, everybody know me as SkulleatR or "Skully" if you prefer, my age is 26 now (27 in February), my job is...*uhhmmm*...programmer and game-designer (no i won´t tell ya the company, cause ya could find out my real name hehe), my hobbies ?? oh thats simple....i´m an EMUHOLIC like a workaholic for emulation, i think that´s not only my hobby, its my LIFE (comes right after my wife and my 3 year old son !)

What's your PC configuration ?

right now ? 350Mhz AMD K6/2, 128MB RAM, Dual Voodoo2, CD, DVD, SB Live, Zip100, CDRW and some other little tiny nice features !

Have you bought an Atari Jaguar, the first 64 bits console ? With CD ? Since when ?

nope....i don´t own one....but my friend has, and we´re playing Tempest2000 all night long... (btw. without CD, since a year)

What is your favorite game on Jaguar ?

look above !

Why did you make plans for a Jaguar emulator ? That was the first one ?

look above once just got into emulation back in 1997 with a C64 Emu and all started to work out ! I´ve written a crappy NES emu (SleepNES) and thrown it away...then a friend of mine got the Jag with some games, and i said "WOW" i wanna have one. But then i started to think "Hey wait a minute, why not code a Jag Emu ?"....JagBag was born...

Why the name JagBag ? What does it mean ?

hehe JagBag means......"Jaguar in a Bag", so you can carry it with ya...dunno why i choose this, but it was the first that came to my mind hehe

Kewl .. Where are you looking for documentation on Jaguar System ?

well, mostly i received plenty of emails, but on the classicgaming site is a nice collection of Jag Docs.

The Jaguar was built on 5 processor in 3 integrated circuit .. Was you afraid ?

it´s allways hard to emulate such a complex system, but i think, if all works out, it should be an ass kickin´ emu. So.....NO...i was NOT afraid....:)

And what about the graphical processor with Z-Buffer, Gouraud, Light-sourcing ... ?

thats our biggest problem today....we try to get something on the screen :) but hey...we´re not into all this stuff for giving up !

The Controler Pad is built with 3 button A B and C, Start, Option and 12 other ... how did you manage to emulate all ?

SkulleateR: well......the simple games only use the 3 main buttons (for playing them) and oh well....we´ll see after finishing the joypad emulation, but it surely will use keyboard first...i also tried to hook up a Jag Pad on the PC but, its not very advanced if anyone out there done that with any success... PLZ mail me :!!!!

What do you thing about the other one emu, Jagulator ?

SkulleateR: oh i really don´t care much.....some say....he will be the first, some say, it will be released tomorrow ! I DON´T CARE.... maybe there are games running on Jagulator and not on JagBag and vice versa, so....anyway, the Emu Scene will win....not me, not him !!

What is your favourite emulators ?

SkulleateR: IMPACT (nice work guys), NeoCD (plays Crossed Swords 2), EX68 (i love X68000 games !)

Is there a console, computer, game not yet emulated that you would like to see ?

SkulleateR: yep...the 3DO would be kewl....or the CD-I.....or maybe a NeoGeoPocket Emu with sound !

Is there a date for a release ?

SkulleateR: hey...i will send ya screenshots from JagBag if we get some :) only GUI screenshot available right now (JagBag site)...and we had set the release date to christmas 1999 but we have a REALLY NASTY bug, we´re currently working on it and hope to release as soon as possible, BUT....i really can´t tell ya the exact date !

Thxs again for this interview, that was very kewl.

SkulleateR: hope so.....was kewl for me too :)