Interview de Azuco : émulateur Sega Saturn A-Saturn

Voici une interview de Azuco développeur sur A-Saturn, un émulateur Sega Saturn.

The first question is about you. Could you present yourself please, where do you come from, your name, age, job, hobbies etc. ?

Real name : secret; AGE : 26; JOB : secret (not programmer); Hobby : Guiter, Game, programing ...

What's your PC configuration ?

Main machine : K6-2/333, 64MB, RIVA TNT, Sound Blaster AWE64, IF-SEGA
Sub machine : Celeron 300A/450 x2,128MB, ET6K
DOS machine : AMD 5k86/133, 8MB, ET4K
Evaluation machine : Pentium 133
X68000 pro2, PC9801BX4 (Hentai game), SEGA TERA DRIVE (286/16,2.5MB)

Have you bought a Sega Saturn ?

Of course ! I have 3 Sega Saturn... (white saturn normal, white saturn with saturn-key, DEV-SATURN).

What is your favorite game ?

Capcom's Fighting game..... &  ANIME game - Tomb Raider, Noel, Gradius, Salamander, Darius, After burner, Galaxy Force, R-type, Image Fight, RayForce, RayStorm, RayCrysis, Battle Garegga.

When did you start developing A-Saturn ? What does A-Saturn mean (A) ?

Past 2 year.
Hitachi SATURN name is 'Hi-SATURN'
Victor SATURN name is 'V-SATURN'

Does it your first project ?


Where are you looking for documentation on Sega Saturn ?

•Internet (Sega of America's document)
•Some people (Japanese HTML Document)
•My friend (Saturn development enviroment & DEV-SATURN)

What is Saturn Azuco Library project exactly ? is it to help people to built emu or software ?

I need that I write real saturn evaluation code. I want public this code. however, if use SGL or SBL, we don't have SEGA licency. I decided use lisence free library.

How people could help you ? Do you need some help ?

It's difficlut question. if you are assembler programmer (x86,MC68K,SH2), you can help me. however,very difficlut.

It strikes me that all other project about Sega Saturn emu are discontinued (SATEMU, Sat'On'Em Lucifer, Semu, etc). You are like an old veteran ... do you afraid about it ?

(difficult question !) I will say that, I very afraid other emu ...

What is the most difficult to develop a Sega Saturn emu ?

Cooperate malti processor's SH2x2, MC68K, SCU-DSP, SMPC, SCSP, VDP1, VDP2, CD-Block...

What do you thing about the brand new project : -SSF- ? You said on your page 'Nice Rival!'

SSF is great. SSF can play some game. I think A-SATURN may be lose. But my soul never die. I try revenge!

A lot of people are waiting for a Sega Saturn emu that running commercial games ... What is your opinion about future Sega Saturn emu and A-Saturn ?

 We don't know future. However, I believe my fourtune.

Right now we could download on your web page A-Saturn v0.14f, will we get a new version soon ?

I implemented VDP2 cell mode type7 (use this mode in Set Clock screen) and SH2 code emulaton bug fix. and added SCU-DSP processor.

...coming soon ?

Do you want to add some word ?

Please click banner in my page !

Héhé, n.p. Thx for your interview !