Interview de SkulleateR

Voici une interview de SkulleateR développeur sur JagBag, un émulateur Atari Jaguar.

Hello (please pardon me for my bad english ...) and thx for accepting this interview !

np.... (me also badbadbad english LOL :) also no prob...

The first one is about you. Could you present yourself please, your name, age, job, hobbies etc. ?

sure (but why?)..ok then, i think my name is not important, everybody know me as SkulleatR or "Skully" if you prefer, my age is 26 now (27 in February), my job is...*uhhmmm*...programmer and game-designer (no i won´t tell ya the company, cause ya could find out my real name hehe), my hobbies ?? oh thats simple....i´m an EMUHOLIC like a workaholic for emulation, i think that´s not only my hobby, its my LIFE (comes right after my wife and my 3 year old son !)

What's your PC configuration ?

right now ? 350Mhz AMD K6/2, 128MB RAM, Dual Voodoo2, CD, DVD, SB Live, Zip100, CDRW and some other little tiny nice features !

Have you bought an Atari Jaguar, the first 64 bits console ? With CD ? Since when ?

nope....i don´t own one....but my friend has, and we´re playing Tempest2000 all night long... (btw. without CD, since a year)

What is your favorite game on Jaguar ?

look above !

Why did you make plans for a Jaguar emulator ? That was the first one ?

look above once just got into emulation back in 1997 with a C64 Emu and all started to work out ! I´ve written a crappy NES emu (SleepNES) and thrown it away...then a friend of mine got the Jag with some games, and i said "WOW" i wanna have one. But then i started to think "Hey wait a minute, why not code a Jag Emu ?"....JagBag was born...

Why the name JagBag ? What does it mean ?

hehe JagBag means......"Jaguar in a Bag", so you can carry it with ya...dunno why i choose this, but it was the first that came to my mind hehe

Kewl .. Where are you looking for documentation on Jaguar System ?

well, mostly i received plenty of emails, but on the classicgaming site is a nice collection of Jag Docs.

The Jaguar was built on 5 processor in 3 integrated circuit .. Was you afraid ?

it´s allways hard to emulate such a complex system, but i think, if all works out, it should be an ass kickin´ emu. So.....NO...i was NOT afraid....:)

And what about the graphical processor with Z-Buffer, Gouraud, Light-sourcing ... ?

thats our biggest problem today....we try to get something on the screen :) but hey...we´re not into all this stuff for giving up !

The Controler Pad is built with 3 button A B and C, Start, Option and 12 other ... how did you manage to emulate all ?

SkulleateR: well......the simple games only use the 3 main buttons (for playing them) and oh well....we´ll see after finishing the joypad emulation, but it surely will use keyboard first...i also tried to hook up a Jag Pad on the PC but, its not very advanced if anyone out there done that with any success... PLZ mail me :!!!!

What do you thing about the other one emu, Jagulator ?

SkulleateR: oh i really don´t care much.....some say....he will be the first, some say, it will be released tomorrow ! I DON´T CARE.... maybe there are games running on Jagulator and not on JagBag and vice versa, so....anyway, the Emu Scene will win....not me, not him !!

What is your favourite emulators ?

SkulleateR: IMPACT (nice work guys), NeoCD (plays Crossed Swords 2), EX68 (i love X68000 games !)

Is there a console, computer, game not yet emulated that you would like to see ?

SkulleateR: yep...the 3DO would be kewl....or the CD-I.....or maybe a NeoGeoPocket Emu with sound !

Is there a date for a release ?

SkulleateR: hey...i will send ya screenshots from JagBag if we get some :) only GUI screenshot available right now (JagBag site)...and we had set the release date to christmas 1999 but we have a REALLY NASTY bug, we´re currently working on it and hope to release as soon as possible, BUT....i really can´t tell ya the exact date !

Thxs again for this interview, that was very kewl.

SkulleateR: hope so.....was kewl for me too :)

Machine : Atari Jaguar

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