Fe3darcade/Emulaxian 0.86

Fe3darcade/Emulaxian est un formidable frontend 3D-Arcade.
Vous trouverez ci-dessous les nouveautés de cette version 0.86

>>All artwork sprites can now be used with all menutypes.
>>Arcade cfg files can now be associated with individual gamleists and selsets for all menulevels.
>>Fixed the basic html text formatting and hyperlinks support in the text sprites of the infoscreen.
>>The default model spacing and rotation steps in cylarcade can now be overruled in arcade cfg files.
>>The createmarquee property in the general can now be overruled in arcade cfg files.
>>Options to speed up cylarcade with models that use only one visible dynamic texture. For example a pricewheel model.
>>Fixed a bug when starting up the fe in gs menu it would use the skin settings from the ssmenu.

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Publié le 14 Novembre 2003 à 12:08 par Gouken