Chankast Wrapper 2.0 Daemon Edition

Et oui ça fait quelques temps que l'on a pas parlé de Chankast et des utilitaires qui fonctionne avec.
C'est avec grand plaisir que je vous annonce la sortie de Chankast Wrapper 2.0 Daemon Edition.

As the development of chankast progresses, it appears that some dc images only run with Daemon Tools. Since Daemon Tools uses command line options to mount images, I decided to make a special version of thw wrapper just for it. Unlike the last wrapper, this one doesn't require you to have any of the games pre-mounted. All you need to have is daemon tools installed and one virtual device mounted.

Since running from a real cdrom is so similar, this version is also reccomended for people using real cds. I even added a special command line tag just for them. :)

p.s. Unlike the regular version almost all of the options are now passed via the command line... so PLEASE read the readme before you even think of starting.

Also the daemon edition and the regular edition can't co-exist, so use one or the other. :)

As usual, the wrapper page is on the right, go get em!

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Publié le 4 Juillet 2004 à 10:48 par Gouken

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