Arcade.exe WIP 26/5/04

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La page consacrée au développement de ce frontend multi-system a été actualisée avec les informations suivantes.

Work In Progress (26/5/04): -

* Full Screen code now working "experimentally" * : Received a request for a full screen mode for Arcade.exe from Mr. Taylor in Australia (mmmmnnnn, that rhymes!). I'm going to look into this shortly, so I may have an update on this quite soon. He also asked me about being able to assign keys to arcade.exe controls to make it easier to use with a games cabinet, so I'll look into that as well.
* In Progress * Automatic key re-mapping in gameinfo files. This will attempt to intelligently re-map game button information for a given game by looking at the values specified in the [global] section of the gameinfo.dat file.
Creation of a "skin" designer for Arcade.exe. Work has now started on this and we hope to have a beta available in the next four weeks.

DONE: Improvements to the Help pages.
DONE: Added new "scripting engine".
DONE: More work still needed in the import and export of additional game category info. I'm working on this now and hope to have it completed in the next few days.
DONE: Updating program to support Visual Pinmame plus various changes to improve non-MAME support (completion expected by 21-11-03).

DONE: Update website to MrPectate's new design.

DONE: Include better information display for non-MAME emulators (in progress)

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Arcade.exe WIP 26/5/04