Arcade.exe V0.77

Arcade.exe est un frontend qui peut s'utiliser avec les émutateur Nebula, Nebula model 2, Final Burn, Final Burn Alpha, Vivanonno, Callus, Modeler, Raine, Winkawaks et Zinc.

>>13-11-03: Updated the MAME game list to MAME V77.

>>12-11-03: Arcade.exe now supports MAME and 31 non-MAME emulators (mainly due to the work of Smith Bob - many thanks!) - see revised list below.

>>11-11-03: Added mameinfo and history.dat display to the re-sizeable form.

>>11-11-03: You can now edit the game descriptions, manufacturer and year of release details for any game by right clicking the game display grid and selecting "Edit Game Details". This will create a gamenames.txt file in the relevant emulator's program folder. Arcade.exe also now has built in game info lists (gamenames.txt files) for Nebula, Nebula2, Final Burn, Final Burn Alpha, Vivanonno, Callus, Modeler, Raine, Winkawaks and Zinc. Gamenames.txt files will now be created automatically whenever a new emulator is added either by refresh/rescan or adding a new one manually. There is also a "Create gamenames.txt game info file for this emulator" option. This is available from the Options screen Emulator Settings tab, "Create Game Info File" button, and also by right clicking the grid and selecting "Export Game Display Grid Data", "Create gamenames.txt game info file for this emulator".

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